Today at Lotusphere, we discussed plans and designs for updating LotusLive Notes in 2010.  LotusLive Notes is the IBM-hosted Domino SaaS/cloud offering, which has been available in various forms for a few years.  A major work-effort on my team and in our labs right now is to build an updated back-end for this service, which we will put into beta in the first half of 2010.

The new version of the service will run in the LotusLive data centers atop a multi-tenant Domino environment.  We will expand the customer size range, down to a minimum of 50 users (vs. 1000 today).  The prices will be part of the published Passport Advantage price list for customers, with the standard discount curve in place.  It will offer 5 GB of mail per user, with a 99.9% target service level.  Both Notes client and browser-based Domino mail users are supported.  Optional features will include mobile device support, archiving, and data conversion/migration services.  And one major advantage of the LotusLive Notes offering -- it is designed specifically with hybrid (on-premises + cloud) environments in mind.

Later today, we'll go into more details about LotusLive Notes in 2010, and there are two breakout sessions on the topic scheduled for Wednesday.

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