We are just a week away from the closing date for submissions for Lotusphere Idol! at Lotusphere 2010.  If you have missed the fun at Lotusphere 2008 and 2009, this session is an "audition" for a Lotusphere speaking slot -- the winner gets their own Lotusphere session at Lotusphere 2010 and the title of Lotusphere Idol!  Here was my previous posting:

If you didn't already submit a Lotusphere Idol! proposal during the original call for abstracts, you can now propose an Idol! audition via email.  Send your submissions to
submit at lotusphereidol.com
by December 24th -- yes, we're giving you almost a month!  In your email, give your name, company name, email address, mobile phone number, and a 50-75 word abstract of what you'd like to present.  You should also include 50-75 words about yourself and why you'd like to be Lotusphere Idol!
We'll be contacting contestants after the 24th, which will give you three weeks to get ready for the auditions -- which will be held during Lotusphere 2010 on Tuesday, January 19, at 3 PM.  See you there!

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