During Lotusphere 2010 today, we announced that, like other parts of IBM software, Lotus Domino will soon be available as a developer/test image on the Amazon EC2 web services cloud.  This service will be available through IBM developerWorks and makes a great complement to the newly-free Domino Designer application development tools.

It will be quite easy to get started with Domino on AWS.  A three-step process is all that is needed to spin up the image.

In the Notes/Domino mini-keynote, I'm also highlighting Group Software's new "Group Live Platform-as-a-service".  GROUP Live makes it easy for Domino ISVs to provision, deploy, and manage Domino apps without having to install/spin up new Domino servers.

Combine the two and it's never been easier to be a Notes/Domino developer.

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