I'm packing my bags for Orlando today, ready to see the Florida sun tomorrow.  It's been a busy week -- well, a busy extended period -- readying the show, and in just a few short days, it will all be worth it.  Like those of you who attend the conference as customers, partners, analysts, press, or even competitors, Lotusphere is an annual shot of adrenaline.  I realized a few days ago that this is my 14th Florida Lotusphere...there are few things in my entire life I've done for fourteen years.  No wonder, then, that I'm not sleeping much, and my thoughts these days are of 7th floor meeting rooms and antique karaoke set lists at Kimono's.  

Previously, I listed the sessions I'm speaking at as well as some other recommended breakouts.  Lotusphere 2010 is exciting for me because, while I'm not in the opening session, Kevin Cavanaugh and I will be on the main-stage, with the 80-foot screen and the whole production thing, for the Notes/Domino strategy a few hours later.  

I'm not at liberty to say yet what we'll be announcing.  A few little snippets are out there already, including news of our LotusLive win at Panasonic (good interview there) -- the biggest corporate email cloud deployment ever, integration with Alfresco, and new RIM Blackberry clients.  But those are just momentum-builders.  

Over the last week I've had the opportunity to preview the real news with design partners and a few selected others.  The team has done a bunch of analyst prebriefs, and we've had internal briefings.  Some great reactions, some clarifying questions, and some real excitement.  That's what always makes Lotusphere special.

See you in Orlando!

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