The final list of Lotusphere 2010 breakout sessions has been posted.  The mini-keynotes haven't been listed and there are a few additional details (such as date/time) to also be added, but overall this gives you the full picture of the conference sessions.  I'm really happy with how the tracks have turned out this year, including the new bootcamp sessions in the jumpstart track and the plethora of special sessions throughout the week to keep things interesting.

Some Birds-of-a-Feather sessions are also live at that link.  This isn't the complete list but is representative of the ones that have been selected based on attendee voting.  We're still in the process of validating that the facilitators will in fact be at Lotusphere, and waiting a few more days to finalize the list (a few more will be added as a result).  And there's one that will be dropped.  This is the transparency of a vote-based process, but clearly this session does not belong at Lotusphere 2010:

Session name: I WANT TO BUY GOOGLE

Session abstract: I wrote the NanoWrimo Award Winning sci-fi novel I WANT TO BUY GOOGLE in November 2007. I would like the novel to be adapted into a movie screenplay for which i seek active participation of a talented team.
Alrightly then.

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