At Lotusphere 2010 yesterday, IBM announced the upcoming beta of Lotus Symphony 3.0, coming in February.  Symphony 3.0 is based on the version 3 codebase, with a refined user interface, more features, support for Visual Basic macros, and the latest Open Document Formats.  Symphony 3.0 marks the first major release of Symphony since 2008, and demonstrates IBM's ongoing commitment to the Symphony project.  Be ready to check out this beta in a week or so, or if you are at Lotusphere, stop by the Symphony labs to check out the latest.  Very good effort to bring this product forward.

We also demonstrated Project Concord, a set of collaborative web editors that will be part of the new LotusLive Labs in Q2 2010.  Project Concord is something I've talked to customers about in concept over the last year or so -- that when we started working on productivity as a set of web tools, we weren't just going to deliver yet another reinvented word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation tool.  Instead, this project demonstrates some very cool collaborative document editing, contextual commenting, smart tables, and task and attention management.  It is designed to work with installed editors (e.g. Symphony), browser users, and even mobile users.

Symphony 3.0 and Project Concord are part of our general theme at Lotusphere 2010 of showing more technology, even if it is in early "lab" form.  LotusLive Labs is intended to be an incubator for new cloud-based capabilities, and Project Concord is just one of those.  For those at Lotusphere interested in more, check your conference guide for the Tuesday morning session on LotusLive Labs.

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