You asked for it comes!

One of the annual traditions of Lotusphere is the penultimate session, "Ask the Developers".  For several years, many of the questions asked during "Ask the Developers" have really been more appropriately directed to product managers or other people on the business side of the house.

At the end of Lotusphere 2010's "Ask the Developers", several people tweeted thoughts about needing an "Ask the Product Managers" session.  Well, ask and ye shall receive...

By popular demand, and finally here for Lotusphere 2011, is the new "Ask the Product Managers" panel.  The Lotus Notes and Domino, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Connections, WebSphere Portal, and IBM LotusLive product teams will be on hand to answer your questions about product strategy, market positioning, licensing and pricing, roadmaps, integration, and more!  We'll let you save your tough technical questions for the "Ask the Developers" panel to follow, but we welcome those questions you could never quite figure out who to ask! This lively session promises to provide new insights, ideas and of course -- entertainment.

I've invited the product teams for all of our product families to this session and am ensuring that all are represented.  We're going to do this on Thursday at 11:15 the slot before lunch, which is the slot before "Ask the Developers".

 Now "Ask the Developers" should really be hardcore geeky goodness.  Now we have a great session to get all those "other" questions asked.  A win for everyone.

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