I'm excited to announce the details for the Lotusphere Idol! session at Lotusphere 2011!

For those who don't know, Lotusphere Idol is an opportunity for new voices to obtain their very own Lotusphere session.  Five contestants give five-minute auditions and are judged on quality, speaking ability, technical knowledge, and relevance.  The winner of the Tuesday session receives their very own breakout slot on Thursday morning -- and a leg up for future Lotuspheres where they could again join the speaker circuit.

For Lotusphere 2011, Lotusphere Idol auditions will be held on Tuesday, February 1 at 1:30 PM in the Dolphin Southern IV-V room.  The contestants for 2011 are:

Contestant Topic
Mike McGarel "Be Our Guest" and Other Approaches to Enhancing the User Experience
René Winkelmeyer Deployment and administration considerations for IBM Lotus Traveler
Peter Presnell I Smell A RAT -- Rapid Application Testing
Jennifer Stevenson 10 Tips to Wooing the Perfect Architecture
Mark Myers "the horror of losing agent manager"

We have a great judging panel in place this year as well -- Returning judges Paul Mooney and Gabriella Davis, with new judges Tom Duff, Wes Morgan, and Susan Bulloch.  I am Mr. Rourke, your host.

The winner's session is on Thursday, February 3, at 10 AM in the same room.

We're less than three weeks away!

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