I arrived in Orlando yesterday, a total waste of a day as we provisioned the hotel room for the baby, forgot a suitcase at the airport, picked up a rental car, etc.  The sun isn't quite fully up as I write this this morning, but it's looking like the usual beautiful Florida January day as we head into Lotusphere.

There are probably a hundred different highlights and objectives I could call out for the next week, so inevitably I'll miss something.  My team and I met the other day to review our plans for the week.  Here's what we are looking forward to:

  • Beginning the public conversation about a next major release of Notes/Domino.  We've already approved our internal plan for the release, but that is really the start of the process.  While we'll work with the Design Partners throughout the cycle to build the release, there are several topics that we're researching and taking input on during Lotusphere.  Look for Jason Dumont to talk client vs. web, operating systems and hardware configurations, and other specs on the Notes client; Collin Murray to talk about priorities for the Domino Server.
  • Checkpointing success on LotusLive Notes, and driving objectives for 2011.  Being in the SaaS space is awesome because we iterate so often -- we launched and did three external releases of LotusLive Notes in 2010, and expect three in 2011.  We'll be talking about the Q1 release, but also plans and concepts for service updates throughout the year.  Scott Souder, Chris Baker, and Collin Murray are the three product management musketeers on LotusLive Notes, all on stage this week.  Worth checking out to see a different side of what we're working on, and some amazing engineering work across Domino and the LotusLive environments.
  • Mobile, mobile, mobile.  We're increasing our investment in mobile in 2011, no surprise given the explosion of smart phones and tablets.  Still, we are looking for input on what devices and mobile OSs are going to be your priority this year and beyond, and will be announcing new support.  Jan Kenney from my team will be part of a Sunday partner roundtable and has chaperoned a customer session from General Motors on Notes Traveler; you can also find her at the peds.  We have a mobile strategy session on the agenda for the first time.
  • Symphony and Project "Concord".  A year ago, we demonstrated technical concepts around productivity editors in the cloud.  We have much to say on the topic this year, and Jeanette Barlow has a Project "Concord" session to go into details on why this is more than productivity editors reborn on the web.  On Symphony 3, we shipped in November and have customer deployments to highlight and discuss.  Eric Otchet will show how you can leverage Symphony 3, including the plug-in installer for Notes, the new multimedia library, and other deployment tools.  In both areas, we're looking for insight on your requirements and deployment/management objectives.
  • Lotus Protector had a great 2010, adding Protector for Mail Encryption to the family and progressing Protector for Mail Security.  Sean Brown will go deep on these products and show why we have great solutions in this space and our plans for 2011.
  • Obviously, there's a whole track of application development sessions at Lotusphere.  We'll be talking XPages, of course, and how the IBM Project "Vulcan" vision ties into app dev in the future.  Pete Janzen from my team is in three app dev sessions, a good resource to get a view on the best route to building successful apps on Notes/Domino today.
  • On business development day, there's a session in every time slot that is relevant to my and my team's mission.  It starts after the keynote with Jeff Schick's Exceptional Work Experiences at 10:30 AM, with your first opportunity as partners to hear the vision of the combined Messaging & Collaboration, UC2, and Social Business solutions.
  • I'll be wrapping all of this up in my debut at the reins of the messaging and collaboration business, INV105 - Messaging and Collaboration Strategy, Monday at 2:15.  See you there!

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