Today at Lotusphere 2012, IBM unveiled the beta release of IBM Docs, formerly known as LotusLive Symphony. The beta release is available now on Greenhouse, . IBM Docs is a completely cloud-based set of social document editors -- word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool -- that are focused on the needs of teams to share and improve productivity, both inside and outside the firewall. IBM Docs authors will be able to store documents in IBM SmartCloud Engage (formerly LotusLive Engage) co-edit documents in real time or assign users sections of the document so they can work privately easing the management of  multiple revisions from multiple authors in team-based documents.

IBM Docs Beta

The progress on IBM Docs -- beyond the snappy, simple name -- over the last year has been incredible. If you have not been checking out the technical preview releases on Greenhouse, you've missed some very rapid evolution. The tools are very feature-rich, yet simple to use. The are fast and lightweight. And as part of the IBM SmartCloud, they are easy to deploy both within your enterprise and to work with customers/partners/suppliers. We also recognize that there is interest in private cloud deployment of such tools, in conjunction with IBM Connections. IBM is working with key design customers to deploy private cloud implementations this year as well, and we expect to broaden that approach in the next year.

During the Lotusphere keynote, German banking organization GAD spoke about their Bank21 project, which will incorporate IBM Docs and other IBM collaboration solutions in a private cloud environment. GAD is our design partner for the private cloud approach, while the first widely-available market release of IBM Docs will be part of the IBM SmartCloud for Social Business later in 2012.

We are excited to be progressing IBM Docs rapidly towards release. Sign up for beta today on Greenhouse and help move this exciting project forward.

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