This is kind of a jumble of interesting data points, but I'm jazzed about the way these events are going and wanted to share.

  • At Lotusphere Comes to You in Paris tomorrow, over 600 people are registered.  The event is sold out -- they stopped taking registrations days ago.  A memo went out to IBMers internally earlier this week, asking them not to come to the event so there would be more room for customers.
  • At Lotusphere Comes to You in Philadelphia yesterday, the event had to be moved at the last minute to a bigger venue -- to accommodate double the original anticipated number of attendees.
  • At Lotusphere Comes to You in the UK, Darren indicates that they've signed up some excellent talent for guest speakers.
  • At Lotusphere Comes to You in the US, many of the events are being keynoted by Bob Picciano, including New York, Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago.  I can't remember a previous Lotus General Manager doing the roadshow as well.
  • At an upcoming US Lotusphere Comes to You, we are planning to make a mini-announcement and show off some of the new partner integration announced for Lotus Notes at Lotusphere in Orlando.
  • The event schedule for Lotusphere Comes to You is so busy, that on some days, there are three different LCTYs happening around the world -- sometimes even within one country.

I'm sure my colleagues from around the world will add some more interesting tidbits from the road.  Meanwhile, I will see you at upcoming Lotusphere Comes to You events in Chicago, Nashville, Columbus, Toronto, and Indianapolis!

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