A very long but successful day at the Intercontinental Chicago yesterday.  Enjoyed meeting so many of you (think there was one or two that I didn't get to) throughout the day.

John Head has an excellent summary, I wanted to add a few observations:

  • My "aha!" moment of the day was asking the audience about their use of smartphones.  Only 10% claimed not to have a smartphone...about 10% had iPhones...and about 75% had Blackberry.  I guess there must have been a few Windows Mobile devices or Treos in there...
  • Notes/Domino 8 deployments in the Chicago audience were ahead of those in the San Francisco audience.  About 15% of hands up for Domino 8, and more for Notes 8.  With 8.0.1 now out, I am hearing more deployments accelerate.
  • I had a great conversation with Kevin Kanarski's boss.  Kevin, some will recall, is the guy who discovered the Comcast port 1352 interrupt issues, and helped get them the visibility to be addressed.  Sounds like Kevin has fans inside his organization as well as outside.
  • Quickr seems to be the product that opened more eyes than any other yesterday.  I agree that there is so much more to it than just sharing documents.
  • Loved Jon Raslawski's presentation on SOA, especially with his introduction where he said "yes, I'm going to talk about Portal, but please don't leave"...and nobody did. Excellent explanation of the value that the technology brings.
  • Customer lunch and dinner were enjoyable, with lots of learning and discussion about business value -- of collaboration, of blogging, and of technology in general.

My next LCTY event on the schedule is not until late April in Ottawa, but I will also be at the Detroit Lotus user group next week with some of the same content.

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