Last week's Lotusphere Comes to You event in San Francisco was really fantastic.  We had great attendance -- they had to bring three additional rows of chairs in during the keynote -- and great content.  I was pleased to see the number of west coast partners that showed up, not just as exhibitors but also as attendees.  Like many such events, it felt like the most excitement I've seen for Lotus out west in a long time.  I enjoyed talking with SAP, Socialtext, Voltage Security, Ephox, Sirius, and many of the customers who attended.

As far as the formal agenda, I had two presentations.  I covered the Notes and Domino update, as well as a strategy-level presentation called "The Desktop of the Future".  This discusses ideas on how organizations should approach desktop computing going forward, including alternatives like user segmentation and providing different tools like Symphony or Linux-based (or Mac-based) environments.  The presentation also envisions future trends like smartphones as primary devices, contextual collaboration (this is the "today" part), and further integration of capabilities.  There is an additional element that discusses competitive approaches and challenges with such environments.  

I have to admit being somewhat skeptical of this presentation (which was created by my colleague Antony Satyadas) going into the event.  I've used it in one-on-one customer situations before, but never in a large group.  I made some modifications that I thought would work, and from the ratings as well as the customer feedback, it did work.  One customer I met with specifically thought the notion of segmenting user needs (discussed on slides 12 and 13) was particularly useful.  Not all companies can adopt such an approach, but those that can will find ways to save money but also provide efficient service to various classes of users.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Steve McDonald from Optimus Solutions was using my Lotusphere presentation at their hosted Lotusphere Comes to you event.  Steve writes:
I pitched your ID601 deck. It was a huge hit. There were 3 companies in the room that stopped their Sharepoint plans and all that comes with it... Thanks for giving us some great ammunition! -Steve McDonald Optimus Solutions

During the next few weeks, I will be at several additional Lotusphere Comes to You events -- Chicago on March 18, Ottawa, Ontario Canada in April, and just added to my calendar, a return to Lisbon in May as well as a first-ever visit to Istanbul Ankara, Turkey.  For Chicago and Ottawa, I'll be doing the same two presentations as San Francisco; in Lisbon and Ankara, I'll be delivering the keynote presentation.  I'll also be at the Detroit Lotus user group meeting on March 26, and the View's Admin2008 on May 1-2.  Looking forward to meeting many of you at these upcoming events.

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