The Lotusphere Comes to You website has a number of updates, with new cities and dates posted.  The specific question from a prior posting about Paris has been answered, and there are now a huge number of additional European and North American events.

As for my own schedule...

  • Next week, I'm in Warsaw on Tuesday the 27th for a "Lotus Day" at IBM.  This is not the advertised Lotusphere Comes to You event...just a one off run by IBM and partner Dysant.
  • On Thursday, March 1, I'll be in Warrington (near Manchester), England, for Lotusphere Comes to You, sponsored by Triangle.  I have just learned that Bill Buchan will also be speaking, and Stuart McIntyre is hosting.  Should be a good day, and as I'm not flying out that evening, I'm sure some of us will get together informally after the meeting.
  • I'll be at the Chicago LCTY event on March 7.
  • We're doing a Wisconsin event in Fon Du Lac on March 13.  Not formally an LCTY, more like a user group meeting
  • On March 19, I'll be in Tel Aviv for LCTY (that date still shows as March 13 on the LCTY website, but will be changed)
  • New to the schedule, on March 22 I'll be in Lisbon for LCTY , my first visit to Portugal.
  • In April, I'm speaking at a few more of the North American LCTY events...more on those as we get closer.

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