There is an interesting change in the dynamic of sharing information and providing feedback at this Lotusphere.  At least from my side of the table as the vendor, I am finding myself watching the Twitter #LS09 stream (11th most-popular hashtag at the moment) and the people I follow a lot more than I'm checking the blogs.  

Both are useful and important ways of hearing what you all have to say about Lotusphere.  Both provide a sense of the good and not so good -- which is important, because my colleagues and other execs have been asking all day "what are you hearing?"  But it was truly amazing to be watching the Twitter stream during the opening session, breakouts like BP304, and yesterday's general session to get a really honest, unprocessed feel for how things are going.

Hit counts on PlanetLotus are pretty low.  I realize a lot of the bloggers and users of that site are here, but I also think that microblogging is far more consumable when you are at a conference and in this kind of setting than the regular blogs are.

I also picked up a slew of new followers today -- looks like somewhere north of 60.  Many are here at the conference, so that seems to imply that you, too, are finding the Twitter stream to be a (more) valuable source while you're here.

This has some interesting implications.  Would we have a twitterer seating section in the OGS?  Would we invite Friendfeed participants to an executive Q&A?  How soon before Yelp has its own chat board, criticizing the temperature of the ballrooms and the number of grains of rice used per rice krispie treat at the breaks?

What I'm saying is, it will probably take weeks to digest everything that has been said online during Lotusphere 2009.  As a source, though, it's been really nice for me, since I've been in so many meetings and much less available for the social pleasantries that are as much a part of Lotusphere for the IBMers as they are for you as attendees.  The Twitter stream really makes me feel like I am caught up with my friends and customers/partners/extended community that I'm close with, even if I haven't shaken hands yet this week.

On Tuesday, I'll be hosting Lotusphere Idol!, the Lotus+Apple BoF (though I'll be leaving early, but John Beck from my team will take over), the blogger news gathering, and one of about six different evening functions.  In other words, I'm not sure where I'll be yet -- but you can be sure I'll let you know via Twitter.

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