Either Rocky or Rob have too much time on their hands, or maybe we should just applaud their enthusiasm....seriously ROTFL funny on both sites.

so I am announcing the First Annual Lotusphere Haiku Contest. Beginning today until THURSDAY night (Lotusphere ends on Thursday), let's see how creative you geeks can be. I want your best Lotusphere Haiku (plural) - I expect to see some about Lotusphere now, before the show, and then I expect to see some during the week next week about the show. I'll post a new topic every day of the show (Monday through Thursday) for new submissions, and then I'll post some of the best as a wrapup next week.
As you all know, next week is Lotusphere. You may have attended in years past, or this year may be your first. Whether you're a Lotusphere veteran or newbie, you can use this guide to help you get to know some of the friendly faces you're likely to meet this year. Coincidentally, they are the same friendly faces you're likely to meet at any other software or technology conference. They are the 12 universal icons of the conference phenomenon.
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