The final score -- 55 accepted sessions, 164 rejected.  In one track.  Yowsa.

So what have we got in there?  More sessions on the Notes client than the past few years, which only makes sense given "Hannover".  Some great new sessions on the Domino server side, with a mix of advice and tips for current deployments and previews of what's coming in Domino "Next" and beyond.  DWA.  DAMO.  More Sametime sessions than the past few years.  An update on Quickplace and on Domino Document Manager.  Workplace Forms and Workplace Web Content Management.  Eight sessions on WebSphere Portal.  Some sessions on mobility and pervasive solutions.  And a few new technologies that will debut at Lotusphere 07.

Of the five years I've managed the Lotusphere infrastructure track, this one feels the most interesting yet.  You'll see session names for all the tracks start to appear on the Lotusphere website in a couple of weeks.

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