The Lotusphere content team is trying out a number of new tricks at Lotusphere 2007:

We believe that one of the greatest assest of Lotusphere is the results of the networking and water cooler discussions -- sometimes evolving into session topics for future Lotus events, strategies, sometimes even evolving into Lotus products themselves.

YellowSpace is where hallway ideas are transformed into reality.
There are a few elements to this unconference within a conference:
*** All Birds-of-a-Feather sessions were selected by conference attendees!  That's right -- even though hundreds of BoFs were submitted, and there is always a lot of internal political pressure to be like "Jack FM" and play what we want, the BoFs were selected through pre-conference session preference voting.  So these are your BoFs, you'd better go.  Note: in the interest of full disclosure, I did put my thumb on the scale for one of the BoF sessions.  But the other 49 were selected by session preference voting.
*** Two new concepts in sessions are appearing --
1) "Boomerang" sessions: "These new sessions are for the specific purpose of gathering input, in the following areas -- Lotus Notes on the Mac, the Lotus Client strategy and Lotus Notes/Domino maintenance streams."
2) SpeedGeeking: "Migrate as a group around the room from one 5- minute demo to the next, while stopwatches, buzzers and loud-mouthed MC's keep things fast-faced and on track! The result is 'managed mayhem' and a good amount of fun. "

Ben Langhinrichs has sleuthed out a few of the SpeedGeeking participants.  Clever detectives will also now determine that SpeedGeeking is why I moved the date/time of the blogging community BoF to Thursday at 7 AM.

Don't forget some of the other extracurriculars -- JAMfest on Monday night, the blogger gathering upon arrival on Saturday, and more.  Don't ask me where the best parties are -- I don't get those invitations, they want customers not IBMers -- nor where the Wednesday night thing is (I haven't asked) nor who the opening entertainment is (ditto) or the closing (ditto).  Life should still have some surprises.

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