Several bloggers have been catching the Business Development Day sessions and Jumpstarts.  Some of the BD Day stuff is under NDA until tomorrow, but there are still a number of cool observations.

The "Live from Lotusphere 2006" blog is up and running, and has its first guest podcast with Warren Elsmore.  They'll have a dozen or more podcasts this week, including me on Thursday giving a Lotusphere wrap-up....

Other voices:
Chris Miller:

Basically people are excited more than last year.  The crowds are strong and energetic, even though it is the first day.  People are talking about advanced things at lunch letting you know they are using the technology
Matthew White:
I was in time to get over to the Business Development Day general session which was pretty interesting. Lots of teasers about the opening session  proper tomorrow morning so it will definitely be worth the early start if even half of the rumours I've heard turn out to be true.
Richard Schwartz:
here's my short list of things that I think will be the major focus of my interest this year:
* Hannover (Notes 7.5)
* Activity Explorer
* Anything from IBM research and product groups that incorporates RSS, blog, wiki, or social networking.
Keith Strickland, commenting on Duffbert and Julian's jumpstart:
Great presentation. The java session I attended in 2003 was way over my head so I never pursued it. This session gave me the confidence to at least give it a try now.
Heading poolside shortly for the welcome reception.  I'm in a cream-colored polo shirt and distinctive, I know... but please say hello!  Expect that I'll be in Kimono's post party.  That's been the usual deal the last few years.

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