So this topic is a bit self-centered, let's just get that out of the way upfront.

As I mentioned a few days ago, we're starting to plan for Lotusphere 2008.  One of the threads passing through my brain is, "what should I speak about at LS08?"  And while I have a few ideas, I am struggling for something that won't be perceived as "too marketing" for the technical Lotusphere agenda.  I also don't want to repeat topics I've done in prior years...I'd like the challenge of something brand-new.

I'll certainly do a business development day presentation on Notes/Domino, but as for the main conference...what would you like to see?  Also, if you have topics that are high on your list, not for me but that you'd really like to see on the conference agenda, happy to hear those, too.  I think Rocky has asked that question the last couple of years, but he's asked it specifically in the context of the best practices track.  I might as well ask the more general question, as the call for abstracts will be going out within the next couple of weeks.

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