LotusUserGroup.org has announced their next virtual user group meeting for Tuesday, October 6 at noon US EDT:

Delivering business value and innovation are table stakes for Lotus, and the 8.5.1 release is poised to turbocharge the Domino developer community! IBM is delivering much more than fixes in this release so come hear the Lotus Notes & Domino product management team dive into the specifics and announce some major changes that are sure to open your eyes. From innovative new features in Lotus Domino Designer, to new initiatives that will expand the Domino developer community, 8.5.1 is the release application developers have been wanting! You'll also hear about great new features for Lotus Notes, Lotus Notes Traveler and Lotus Domino that will have you clamoring for an 8.5.1 upgrade.
Speakers include myself, my boss Kevin Cavanaugh, and product managers Pete Janzen, Shawne Robinson, and Mike Masterson.

The announcement first went out late last week to LotusUserGroup.org fans on Facebook; the rest of the LotusUserGroup.org mailing list received the details tonight.  I expected to hear more buzz about this webcast -- do I really need to connect the dots?

Link: LotusUserGroup.org: Lotus Notes and Domino is "App" It Again. Find Out What 8.5.1 Delivers for Your Business! >

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