Wow!  That was incredible.  Over 1600 people registered, and over 1000 participated, in the "virtual" Notes/Domino 7 launch on  We've just finished up, and I'm pleased with the outcome for sure.  

There were over 120 questions asked, and we could only answer about a dozen of them during the time allotted for Q&A.  All were captured, though, so

  • The presentations themselves will be available within 24 hours
  • The remaining questions will be posted (with answers, where possible!) in the forum at (must be registered on the site to participate).

Don't forget that there are still over 100 live Notes/Domino 7 launch events coming up, with even more content than we were able to cover today.

Thanks to the webcast organizers -- The team, ON24, and my colleague Jon Raslawski for making this one a success.  And welcome those who learned about this blog during the webcast.

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