Collin Murray, the Domino product manager, and I just finished up a conference call with a customer talking about the Notes/Domino 8 "mail recall" feature.  The customer had questions and concerns about how this feature would work in their (regulated) environment, what the limitations are, and what the experience has been in customers who have turned it on.

What was interesting about preparing for this call is the relative dearth of information about how you all are using mail recall in Notes/Domino since the feature shipped.  There's a handful of postings in the forums on developerWorks, and a smattering of blog entries over the last 24 months or so.  On the whole, though, there's not much discussion of implementing this feature, it's benefits and challenges, or best practices in using recall.

So, seems like a good discussion topic.  Are you using or planning to use mail recall?  Why or why not?  What resources have you found to help you make these decisions?

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