Margo Ezekiel writes on Mary Beth's blog about the mail recall decision::

Based on the responses to this blog and Ed Brill's blog, we decided that Mail recall will be ON in version 8.0.

We will revisit this decision again in 8.0.1, so if you have good or bad experiences with the default setting for mail recall in 8.0 please feel free to let us know about it, and to recommend a change to the default.  This was a tough call.  There were customers on both sides of the fence, with many strong feelings and good arguments.
It was really enjoyable to see the discussions explode on my blog, Mary Beth's, and also at Nathan Freeman's and Chris Linfoot's.  Very well-spoken, eloquent, august opinions on both sides of the discussion.

As Margo mentions, we'll re-look at this for 8.0.1.  Thanks to all for participating in what will likely be the last feature discusssion for 8.0!

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