Depending on when I get a chance to replicate after this flight, Mainsoft has either already announced or is about to announce their new SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes.  First previewed at Lotusphere, this is a Notes 8 add-on that surfaces SharePoint content in the Notes 8 sidebar through the use of the Eclipse plug-in technologies.  The use case is that end-users in organizations where both Notes and SharePoint are being used for collaboration now have the ability to directly drag-and-drop between the two environments, and open documents stored in SharePoint from within the Notes client environment.

While ideally, we'd be having a conversation with Notes customers about Quickr as having similar functions to this typical use of SharePoint, the reality in some organizations is that SharePoint is "in', and not going anywhere.  Since we've seen in talking with vendors and customers that 80% of the SharePoint use case is "file server 2.0", the Mainsoft integration is a logical way to have both products peacefully coexist.

More information is (or shortly will be) on the Mainsoft website on the product page, "Integrate SharePoint into Lotus Notes" >

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