Making a Bold move

October 30 2008

As I've traveled the last few weeks, my Blackberry Pearl has been the subject of a bit of mockery.  True, the trackball barely works, and the back cover is duct-taped on, but I've been very happy with the Pearl as a business-class device... so I've held on.  I knew that in time, RIM would come up with their next big thing, and I would move along in lock-step with them.

Today, thanks to Valerie, Jennifer, and the crew at RIM, my next Blackberry has arrived.

Image:Making a Bold move

I'm working on the transfer setup right now.  As much as I thought the Pearl was a great device, I'm looking forward to the full-size keyboard, wifi access, better browser/graphics, and all the other new bells and whistles.  I'll blog as I go on this voyage.

Oh -- My new Bold's package included a belt clip/carrying case.  I guess Valerie and crew realized that I need to do something differently so as not to be so abusive to this new phone. :)

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