Surjit Chana, Lotus VP of Marketing, was in Asia recently for ND7 launches and had this to say...

As a result, IBM's clear product roadmap and consistent delivery of new Lotus Notes and Domino technology has resulted in more than 90 percent of customers working on the most recent version of the product, which is an unprecedented rate of adoption in the software industry.

Chana also noted that Lotus Notes has posted a double-digit growth in the first half of 2005 compared to the collaboration market's single-digit growth or less than 10 percent. "With 120 million users worldwide, it is very important that we provide them with the necessary support and both forward and backward compatibility," Chana added.

Faire Ann Co, SWG country manager of IBM Phil said that local clients are expected to upgrade to the new version of Lotus Notes and Domino 7.
Some of the major users of Lotus Notes are BPI, Equitable PCIBank, RCBC, UCPB, Central Bank, Land Bank and Development Bank of the Philippines. There are over 120 installed base of Lotus in the country and still growing, said Co. She also noted that many of the users in the country are migrating to Lotus Notes from Microsoft Exchange.
Link: Manilla Bulletin Online: More users migrate from Microsoft Exchange to new Lotus Notes >  (also seen here, thanks Dec)

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