For many, many years, I have done presentations at Lotusphere and other events on "How to sell Notes/Domino inside your organization".  It seems rather timely that Marie Scott has shared a real-world example of taking on this responsibility, and far exceeding expectations:

As many of the recent discussions have focused on marketing/advertising I thought I would share one small component of how we prepared, notified and hopefully helped our users become more engaged about the Notes 8.5 upgrade.  The target group in this case was all our email users - and these individuals may or may not have been using the Notes client. So part of the message needed to not only address new features - but also include an overall reason for using Notes. Our inhouse marketing group came up with the concept of "the incredible power of one."  I hope that seeing this may spark some ideas for your own upgrades and help you maintain momentum. So far users here continue to be pleased with the Notes 8.5 environment.
You need to go click through and see the image they came up with, it's fantastic.

Marie has done this right.  She enlisted help from a marketing group within her organization.  She understood the need to appeal to the end-user.  She understood IT's shared responsibility to get the message out.  And she's set herself up to be a hero, within her own organization and in delighting her clients.

Link: Marie Scott: Notes 8.5 Upgrade: "The Incredible Power of One" >

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