Mark Hughes is a customer I hear from frequently, but didn't really connect that he's been blogging for several months.  Of late, he's been writing about XPages.  Today he's previewing an iPhone web application he's built for Notes to-do and journal/notebook access on the iPhone:

The iPhone is great, especially with Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.1, but is missing a few items that the blackberry includes.  One of these items is the To Do  functionality.  Seeing a need for people to manage their to do's on the iPhone, i created an Xpage "To Do" app that runs in its own process when saved to the home page.  I have seen different apps that let you read or view your to do's, but they have limited functionality, you could not edit them, create them, or view attachments.

To avoid the Apple app update submittal headache, I think a web app was the right way to go.  Updates can be done by replacing the design of the database, or making a few changes, then everyone gets the changes.
All to do's are stored in the mail file, and i didn't want others to have  modify their mail file templates to use this new functionality.  The beauty of Xpages is that i can compute the data sources to the the users mail file who is logged in.  So to install this application, all you need is a Domino 8.5.1 server, and you simply drop the database in a directory, and send a web link to the iPhone.  Who-ever logs in gets their to do's, the mail file doesn't even have to be on the same server, except if they want to view attachments.
Mark has posted some screen shots and videos of his apps -- look great and a logical extension to the Notes Traveler.

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Link: Mark Hughes: iPhone Lotus Notes "To Do" web app video >
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