With all the kick up last week about the Notes user interface, it's important to understand how focused Notes architects, engineers, and developers are on building a leading edge, world-class user interface for the Notes "Hannover" release.  One of the lead designers, Mary Beth Raven, appears to have made it her personal mission to find all Notes user interface critics worldwide and engage with them, quite publicly, one at a time.

For example, on joe lamantia.com, Mary Beth posted a comment asking for Joe to help IBM recruit end-users to participate in usability testing.  Joe made a new blog entry out of it:

Proving that a well-developed sense of humor is required for success in product design -- especially for Lotus Notes -- Mary Beth Raven, who leads the design team for the next version of Lotus Notes, recently posted a rather funny comment in reply to my suggestion that the Notes Design team offer customers a choice of unpleasant but related user experience themes. She used this as the occasion to invite all members of the community of Notes to users to register as volunteers for usability testing.
This seems like as good a time as any to remind you that Lotus seeks end-users (NOT the IT developers and admins in your organization) for Notes usability testing.  Full details are on the Usability page at IBM developerWorks: Lotus.

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