I know that sometimes when Lotus asks about feature changes, the response is, "you have to ask?"

We are considering changing the default to "Reply without Attachment" for the Notes 8.0.1 maintenance release.
In today's blog posting, Mary Beth Raven explains why we have to ask...
My colleage Jeff Eisen has brought up a couple of important points, however, and we'd like your feedback.
He's concerned that a maintenance release is not the place for this kind of change (for example, we do not update the documentation in a maintenance release, and thus the only place where a change like this is documented is in the release notes, which end users.)
And yes, maybe it should have been done in 8.0 so we wouldn't have to ask.  But we're here, now.  Go tell Mary Beth what you want.

Link: Mary Beth Raven: Changing the Defaut for reply to "reply without attachment"... opinions wanted >

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