OK, so there are already 76 comments, but I suspect a few of you share my affection for the double-right click after using Notes for a dozen years....

But one confession.  In Notes 8 "Hannover", HTML rendering in e-mail is now being done by an embedded browser object (IE).  So the HTML rendering is much much improved.  But that object doesn't support the double-right click action when running in the non-Eclipse install of the Notes 8 client anyway.  That has been a big adjustment.

Anyway, here's Mary Beth:

To be perfectly honest, I am inclined to drop this from the Hannover client. Here is the rationale:

We are trying very hard to ensure that everything is KEYBOARD accessible, because  some folks have a hard time using a mouse. And indeed, most advanced users tend to keep their hands on the keyboard rather than the mouse. Samantha ( and advanced users) will still have the following ways to close a window tab:

  * Click the x on the tab
  * Choose File - Close (or ALT - F - C)
  * CTRL+W
  * Esc key

I think that's enough.
I don't! :-)

Link: Mary Beth Raven: Right double click to close a window: bye-bye preference? >

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