From the "we just don't do that" department...

Microsoft has been noticeably quiet whenever we bloggers/press folk ask them for comments on Google various announcements. Today's CapGemini-Google partnership to sell Google Apps Premier Edition (GAPE) must have struck a nerve, as Microsoft sent out a lengthy and unsolicited response on the deal. ... Microsoft also suggested a list of "top questions that enterprises should ask when considering the switch to GAPE".
Ten questions follow, in the best "leading-the-witness" style of a prosecuting attorney.

The "ten questions to ask" format is not at all a new tactic for Microsoft -- I've seen it directed at Lotus many times over the years.  What is new is that a reporter has made the spin process transparent.  

I guess this is another exception where "we just don't do that" doesn't apply.

Link: Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft offers its take on CapGemini-Google deal > (Thanks, Christer)

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