Somehow I missed this last week...

Groove (the offline/online synchronization tool Microsoft bought when it acquired Groove Networks) is being renamed and repositioned with the upcoming release as "SharePoint Workspace Manager." Update on May 13: Microsoft has confirmed officially the renaming and is saying that SharePoint Workspace Manager and OneNote will be part of the Office 2010 ProPlus SKU.
Why build one collaboration client (e.g. Notes), when two (or three) in Office ProPlus will do....wonders for your desktop TCO.
SharePoint Server 2010 will be 64-bit only and require 64-bit Windows Server 2008 or 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2 to run. It also will require 64-bit SQL Server 2008 or 64-bit SQL Server 2005.
Yes, you read that right...another rip-and-replace hardware and operating system migration.

Link: Mary-Jo Foley: New Microsoft SharePoint 2010 details start to emerge >

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