A very strong endorsement (and counter to some recent chatter) about the benefit the XPages approach brings to Domino 8.5:

IdeaJam "Classic" is a good Domino web application (if I do say so myself), but to work on the design of it requires any developers that help us to have a serious amount of experience with Domino web development (I'm talking like 5 years plus). But with our XPages version there really is none of that history required, all the new design elements can be worked on by a developer with the same experience as me, or indeed any other XPages developer, 3 months. It means that we can go from having to worry about all of the Domino "hacks" to make things work, to concentrating on the important stuff... developing a kick-ass application for our customers.
Link: Matthew White: It's painless moving to XPages >

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