Now I know why Maurren Leland was so focused on heading in from dinner early on Monday night....

Unfortunately, I missed Maureen's session here at DNUG/ILTF yesterday.  Here's a bit about something she covered:

Seeing what the Eclipse editors could do for the same experience in Workplace Designer out of the gate, it was clear to me what needed doing. I've been championing a cause inside IBM for a while, gaining support for it, and yesterday, I was thrilled to show a prototype of Domino Designer embedded in Eclipse.
My colleague Mark Jourdain, realizing that there would be some interest in this topic, sent around a few additional tidbits about this.  One in specific that I knew would be asked is this:

Q Does this proposed addition of the Eclipse framework imply that Notes/Domino developers will need Java skills?
A No. This addition supports options for improvements in the application development tool.  While IBM/Lotus encourages Notes/Domino developers to refine and expand their skill set, the addition of the Eclipse framework does not mandate Java skills for the Notes/Domino application developer.

I know there's been some discussion of this on Bruce's site already, and probably elsewhere.  I know there are a zillion questions.  I've already asked Maureen for her slides, and to do a podcast for TakingNotes.  Watch this space...

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