...Microsoft's TechEd progresses.  There's a session on the agenda about migrating from Notes/Domino to the Microsoft unified communications platform.  I'm obviously not there to see it -- too bad, as I understand I've been mentioned by name and some of my slides from Lotusphere have been used.  It doesn't sound like many other people are, either, though -- there are apparently about 50 people in the session (room size for like 400 or so), and the majority are IBMers "observing" and some BPs.  None of the questions are "why" questions, they are "how" questions.  And best of all, the slides aren't available for download and the presenter re-iterated TechEd's rule against photography during sessions.

Wonder what they're afraid of, that maybe someone will say that customers don't really want to buy SharePoint, they just do because it's in their Enterprise Agreement?

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