Melbourne Cup Day

November 7 2007

Yesterday was a great day in Sydney!  

The day started with 50+ attendees at the Sydney Notes users group meeting.  Somehow my presentation was magically timed that I hit the concluding slide just as the breakfast and champagne were wheeled in.  Note to Bob Sutor: Not many of the Aussies took advantage of the beverage, though there was plenty flowing at racing time at 3 PM.  Anyway, it was good to talk with everyone at the breakfast event, thanks for coming out.

Customer meetings ensued; unfortunately, I wasn't able to take advantage of a facilities tour at our first stop (thanks anyways, Jenny).  We then ended up at the Meat and Wine Company for a customer/parnter lunch (main course = stuffed zucchini blossoms) and viewing of the Melbourne Cup race.  Everything that I was told was true -- the country really does stop everything else at race time. The off-track betting company had special kiosks set up around the Sydney city center to take last-minute bets...and the queues for placing them were quite long!  So, I didn't get to take Danny Lawrence's advice to bet on a longshot called "Efficient".  Ah well, a 22:1 payout, who needs it. :)

Today I'm in Canberra for a series of customer meetings, then off to Melbourne for more good stuff tomorrow.  On takeoff from Sydney airport this morning, we had to wait a few extra minutes as the Singapore Airlines A380 landed on our departure runway.  That was cool to watch -- it almost appeared as if the wings had a bit of a bird-like curvature as it rolled down the runway to a stop.

I've had a couple of really interesting thoughts bouncing around in my head from the last few days' meetings, and as soon as I get some time to write, I'll get those discussions going.  Yesterday was too much fun, I guess, because I was in bed by 7 PM :(

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