Good example of the value of a business instant messaging and presence tool...

One company, IntelliCare, has made great strides in understanding and leveraging the intangible benefit of presence management. IntelliCare provides access to a team of nurses via the phone on behalf of health plans and hospitals.
The IntelliCare team of nurses that are on in any one shift is spread across the United States. However, because each nurse has additional specializations, all nurses on a shift must rely on each other to assist with calls.
IntelliCare has developed an application on top of the Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing product that allows the corporate office to track the status of nurses on a particular shift. However, according to IntelliCare CIO Jeff Forbes, the more important benefit is that the nurses use presence and instant messaging to communicate with each other and form a dynamic team.
This is a key value proposition that other organizations can learn from IntelliCare; providing presence and instant messaging to your organization will help form better interpersonal relationships. Additionally, it's better to own and control this medium than to force your organization to use public versions of these services.
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