Nemeretes analyst Melanie Turek assesses IBM's "Hannover" announcement...

Frankly, it's high time IBM got into the real-time collaboration game. The good news is Hannover promises more content-management capabilities than its competitors, which bodes well for collaborative companies whose employees routinely share documents across projects or teams. Hannover will let them store and manage all the information affiliated with a project in one place (one that is decidedly not the user's inbox).
I'm not sure I agree with the assessment (elsewhere in the article) that "Activity-centric collaboration" equals "Contextual collaboration".... they are two different pieces of the puzzle.  Contextual collaboration is a concept that the industry has been striving to reach for years, and pieces of it are in Notes even today.  The activity-centric paradigm is a major innovation that IBM Lotus is showing now -- one that seems to capture the imagination quite easily.  Who wouldn't want to get out from under the deluge of asynchronous e-mail?
Anyway, a good read and succinct analysis.  

Link: Messaging Pipeline: Nemertes: IBM Announcement Moves Lotus Collaboration Deeper Into Real-Time >

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