Michael Sampson of Shared Spaces has published his perspective on the IBM Activity Explorer technology....

The fundamental idea of Activity Explorer is to give business users shared viewing and/or editing rights over an ad hoc collection of discrete events that take place through a variety of communication tools. That's a fairly formal way of saying that two or more users can accumulate an organized listing of notes, IMs, files/documents, and shared screen sessions related to a specific project or task, which IBM is calling an "activity". Rather than having these discrete events held within their own discrete data store, Activity Explorer brings them together for side-by-side viewing and organization. Activities are a different take on a collaborative workspace, which is normally more formal, more long-term, and can require IT involvement to establish and configure.
Michael goes on to ask several questions about Activity Explorer...I'll see if they are answer-able at this point.

Link: Shared Spaces: Thoughts on Activity Explorer >

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