Somewhere in the Pacific Rim, it's Monday the 5th, the official publication date of Michael Sampson's new book, Collaboration Roadmap. I strongly recommend that any IT manager or professional in the field of collaboration, social business, or even base collaborative technologies like email, should check out Michael's book.

Image:Michael Sampson’s new book, Collaboration Roadmap

It was my privilege to write the Foreward for Collaboration Roadmap. This gave me the opportunity to read the whole text, cover to cover, and discover a tremendous amount of insight into the right way to consider, decide, and implement collaboration technology in any organization. As a vendor, I often need to consciously remind myself of how the typical IT organization operates, and the wide variances from "typical" that exist all over the world. Michael encapsulates a set of best practices, governance models, and all around good ideas into a single volume that could catalyze an IT career into the role of key influencer in their organization. I hope the approach he describes becomes "typical" in the future.

Thank you, Michael, for the opportunity to ride along on this publishing journey. I wish you much success with the new book.

Link: Michael Sampson: Collaboration Roadmap >

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