As the jet lag clears, I'll have a few more important catch-up thoughts from Japan.  For now, this entry on Michael Sampson's weblog seems worth some attention:

On Thursday I met with Mark Bennett, the IT Manager for the New Zealand offices of a global organization. What's interesting about Mark is that he comes from a very strong technical background in Microsoft and Citrix, and when he joined the Firm, he discovered a Notes shop running R5. He was horrified, and immediately started talking about an Exchange/Outlook migration. In other words, a classic default position for an IT Manager with a Microsoft background.

Fast forward a few years and he is (a) increasingly convinced of the tremendous value of Notes, (b) increasingly drawn to IBM and repelled by Microsoft, and (c) looking for ways to extend the depth and reach of Notes in the Firm.
The first-hand perspective is especially useful at cutting through hype.  I appreciate Mark's open-mindedness and believe that this scenario plays out more often than people think, and that it would play out even more often if there were more open-minded IT managers.

Link: Michael's Thoughts: Mark Bennett on IBM vs. Microsoft >

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