Gee, how convenient...

Thank you for registering for the Competitive Platforms and Solutions - Lotus Notes Migration Workshop on February 7.   Your seat in this event has been opened to the waiting list because we have not received your payment for the event.  If you would like to register for the second Chicago event in March, we would be more than happy to assist you in registering for this event.
Now, you might remember why I didn't provide any payment -- the MS partner's website had a coding flaw that discounted my registration fee to zero.  Still, I received a registration confirmation, and someone even contacted me a week or so later to confirm that I had been able to register.

I have received four phone calls about this event since -- the location has changed twice, for whatever reason.  None of the phone calls have asked me about payment for the event.  Even the instructor for the seminar contacted me.  However, no correspondence has arrived prior to today about payment for the event.  Absolutely no one has raised the issue of non-payment until now, when I received a cancellation notice (quoted above).

In response, I wrote:
It is not my problem that your system allowed me to register for free and that this is now the first time you are asking me to make a payment.  I really don't think that Microsoft or your firm want the negative publicity associated with your broken application and now asking me for payment.
which resulted in what appears to be a final decision:
As per the attached launch page of the registration site (please see below), the cost of the course to those with a RSVP code is $175.00. I would welcome you to sign up for our upcoming show on March 17th.
So, Microsoft has found a way to buy themselves six weeks where I won't have been able to see the content of this migration seminar.  How incredibly unprofessional and cowardly.

Hey Exchange guy, what say you now?

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