OK, let's get this one out of the way first...

This morning, Microsoft issued their annual Lotusphere spoiler release.  And I honestly laughed out loud when I saw that headline, because it is the same headline for the Lotusphere spoiler release in 2006 and 2007.  Does anyone not see the irony in that need to keep claiming that the migration tools are really better this time?

There's some funny math going on, too.  The release claims "300 firms representing 2.8 million people began the move", then proceeds to mention a few really small companies that maybe add up to 10,000 users (I am pretty sure they mean "Siemens Westinghouse", not "Siemens and Westinghouse").  So much for real-world references.

There's subtle wording in there, too.  These firms "began the move".  Why is it that the annual Microsoft press release never cites the companies that actually completed the move?  Oh wait, I can answer that.  Some, like one very big company that Microsoft works very closely with, still run hundreds of Notes applications more than five years later.  And their case studies on Notes migrations never talk about those applications and what happened to them, or the ROI/benefit from migrating (or should I say trying to migrate) them.  You should hear the figures being thrown around by Microsoft in some of these organizations, in terms of how much money MS will offer to cover migration costs.  Even they have realized there's a lot of cost with no benefit.

What Microsoft didn't mention in their release is how many of these Notes migration efforts they failed at during 2007.  Hundreds of companies representing millions of Notes users made strategic decisions to move forward with IBM Lotus during 2007.  Lotus won major competitive decisions at two large banks during 2007, merger/acquisition bake-offs at numerous organizations, and continued to acquire net-new customers in the area of Notes/Domino collaborative applications.  You'll hear about some of these stories from Lotusphere this week and in IBM's own press releases.

Update 1/29/08: Additional texture to this announcement is posted in a subsequent blog entry.
Image:Microsoft Courts Lotus Switchers with New Migration Tools

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