The Microsoft Exchange team blog today reports that the following APIs will be "de-emphasized" in Exchange 12, the next release, with some disappearing altogether:

  • CDOEx (CDO 3.0)
  • WebDAV
  • Transport event sinks ("will not function correctly")
  • Web Forms ("will not function correctly")
  • The M: drive function introduced in Exchange 2000 (ExWin32 -- "Will not function correctly")
Could it be?  Has anyone ever heard of Microsoft doing a rip-and-replace before?  Should be really fun for products like Ximian, which accesses Exchange through WebDAV.  And fun for the few developers who actually tried to build Exchange apps.

At least they're leaving MAPI in place -- that was supposed to disappear at one point in the past, too -- for .NET framework apps, Microsoft recommends using WebDAV instead of MAPI.

Good thing for IT customers that there is one vendor in this space who respects the concept of investment protection and forward/backward compatibility.

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