At the recent Microsoft partner conference (earlier this month in Houston), the Exchange team highlighted the "momentum" around Exchange 2007.  We must have different definitions of "momentum", though.

In highlighting this supposed "momentum", Microsoft's presentation claimed that "Notes/Domino wins continue".  One of the organizations included on the win list: The University of Kentucky.  Only thing is, the University of Kentucky wasn't a recent Lotus Notes customer.  In fact, they signed a Microsoft Campus Agreement in 2004, and haven't used Notes for as long as I can recall.

So I looked around the Microsoft website a bit.  On this page, in their annual "Lotusphere spoiler", Microsoft includes links to "A closer look at some of the many companies that have switched from IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Server."  Thing about it is, the case study linked for the University of Kentucky is about their deployment of MS Office Communications Server.  Though there's an indication that a small group at the University switched to OCS from Lotus Sametime, there's no mention of Lotus Notes and Domino anywhere.

Thus, as evidence of the "momentum" of "switchers" to Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft offers a customer that wasn't running Lotus Notes/Domino and a case study about Office Communications Server.  The question is, how many people who have heard that UK was a "Notes/Domino win" will actually check out the facts?

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