Interesting times...

Other evidence is coming directly, and loudly, from Microsoft, which is offering planning advice that has never been clearer.

At TechEd, keynote presenter Bill Veghte, senior vice president for the Windows business, said companies testing Vista should stop and move to testing Windows 7. The same advice was repeated for users who have not yet moved to Exchange 2007; they were told to skip it and wait for 2010.

The advice is a marked change from Microsoft's typical straddling act in which users are rarely publicly encouraged to abandon one upgrade plan for the impending release of the new version of a product.

"[Microsoft] is being brutally honest," Top Dog's Hobert says.
Never underestimate Microsoft's willingness to criticize current versions of its products in an attempt to convince you to move to new ones...funny that they're never this honest when those products first ship.  Too bad it takes them years to come clean.  Meanwhile, all those Microsoft solution providers trying to sell Exchange 2007 deployments and migrations....well, I guess you'll just have to wait.  No need to make any money right now, right?

Link: Network World: Microsoft's software pipeline set to burst > (Thanks, Don)

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