From the ZDNet coverage on Exchange 12:

While e-mail has become a critical component of most businesses, the software needed to manage the communications has struggled to keep pace. Microsoft has achieved the goal of high availability, Thompson said, but the software is not as easy to manage as it should be.

"High-availability e-mail is still too complex," he said.
Shouldn't that be "High-availability e-mail [from Microsoft] is still too complex"?  I met with a Lotus customer in November who had 100% availability for their Domino servers -- hundreds of them -- for the prior month, just as a snapshot.  Shared-nothing clustering, Domino's availability architecture since R4, is not complex.  It is infinitely flexible -- clustering can be done at the per-database or per-application level, not simply on a per-server basis.  Clustering on Domino can span operating systems, Domino versions, and physical locations.  When I talk to Exchange shops, this has to be the #1 latent pain for them -- they simply don't realize that better alternatives exist in the market, because Microsoft is telling them that this is the way it is.

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