The holidays really haven't been very quiet this year, have they?

Lotus Notes customers may be concerned about the future of their Communications and Collaboration platform investments. At Lotusphere 2004, IBM delivered a clear message--IBM customers will have to move away from IBM Lotus Notes/Domino and adopt IBM Lotus Workplace.
That's an interesting interpretation.  After all, in the opening session at Lotusphere 2004, Dr. Ambuj Goyal said:
"Our strategy is to increase our leadership by extending Notes-Domino's ability to deliver dynamic, collaborative workplaces on demand...We may make mistakes from time to time, but really! Our goal is to expand our world leadership. Not to walk away from it."
Even more interesting considering that the start date for the Workshop tour (which must be what Gary was talking about) is after the close of Lotusphere 2005, meaning that there will be even more clarity in the market around IBM's ongoing investment in Lotus Notes.
I especially love that Microsoft's workshop prerequisites state that "No previous experience with Lotus Notes required."  Dear attendee, trust us -- we'll tell you everything you need to know about Notes.

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